Presents smartphone Moto Z Play: support modules MotoMods, cost $400 and the record-breaking autonomy

Lenovo announced the smartphone Moto Z Play, which complements the new range of devices introduced in June.

Let’s start with the fact that the new product is much cheaper than the other two counterparts. For Play Moto Z will be asking for $400. About a month the device will be exclusive operator Verizon, and then appear in the free market.

The screen, despite assumptions, is unchanged at 5.5 inches. Here, too, used the AMOLED panel, but the resolution is already 1920 x 1080 pixels. As the platform is more, the Snapdragon 625, and the amount of RAM equal to 3 GB. There is also 32 GB flash memory which can be expanded with microSD cards. The smartphone works with two SIM cards, and you can use them along with a memory card and not to choose between second SIM and additional storage.

The main camera is characterized by a resolution of 16 megapixels and a maximum aperture of F/2.0. The pixel size is 1.3 µm. Has laser assistant autofocus, but no optical stabilization. Front camera 5 MP resolution got its own flash.

The most important feature of the new items, not counting the presence of the audio Jack, which is not older Moto Z Force and Z is the autonomy. The device has a battery capacity of 3510 mA•h Parameter is not a record, but the reviews online say that the autonomy is impressive. Lenovo says 50 hours of work in mixed mode, and talking about more than 16 hours of work in the browser. And this, for a moment, with the thickness of 7 mm. Supported fast charging technology, so in 15 minutes the unit will charge so much that it was enough for nine hours of work.

Of the remainder, you can mark the USB-C port, fingerprint scanner support modules MotoMods and of course all the software features inherent in older Motorola devices/Moto. Works novelty running Android 6.0.1.



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