Presents smart watch Apple watch Series 3 cost from $ 330

Apple began its presentation with the announcement of the new Watch Series 3. As expected, the changes did not happen, except for the red accent on the element of the Digital Crown.

Rumors that the watch have their own modem also confirmed. This will allow the new clock to work with most applications without pairing with a smartphone. Special emphasis is made on the fact that it concerns the Apple Music service. So now, it is sufficient to connect wireless headphones to watch and listen to the music, leaving the iPhone at home.

Thanks to the new dual-core processor, which was 70% more productive, Watch Series 3 will receive full support Siri, which can now respond by voice, like on the iPhone.

Of course, support normal SIM card no. Instead, there eSIM. A regular voice call from the clock is now also available. The dimensions remained exactly on the same level as the previous model.

Of course, not without a new set of straps, because Apple is positioning the watch including as a fashion accessory. Also, there are dark gray ceramic version modification hours.
The cost of the Watch Series 3 is $ 400. But for $ 330 you can buy the Watch Series 3 without LTE modem. There is also the model Watch Series 1 for $ 250. And here is the model Watch Series 2 will disappear from the market. Buy novelty will be from September 22, but as always, not in all countries.

Apple’s own tradition does not disclose all the technical characteristics until the end of the broadcast, so the news will be updated as soon as the relevant data will appear on the Apple website.

By the way, if you believe Apple, the company became the largest watch manufacturer in the world. Not smart, and in General all watches.



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