Presents smart sound system All-New Amazon Echo

Amazon in 2014 has released a device and Echo, hardly waiting for this effect, created a new segment. Moreover, this segment started to grow rapidly and now its smart speaker system or home voice assistants announces every other company.

But that’s not all. In the first model debuted Echo voice assistant, Alexa, who also has completely reshaped the market for such SOFTWARE.

Over the past three years Amazon has released a few models of the family Echo, but only now presented the direct successor to the original device. The new product is called the All-New Amazon Echo. As the concept has not changed, and radically change anything in such devices is not required, Amazon just improved what needed improving.

First, the new model is more compact and has a new design. Second, Amazon promises improved sound quality. And thirdly, a new model of elementary cheaper: just $ 100. That is now one of the most affordable smart as the market, if we talk about branded solutions.

The dimensions of the new Echo is 148 x 88 x 88 mm weight 821 g Inside, as before, hidden two emitter: low frequency diameter of 63.5 mm and a high-frequency 16-millimeter. What platform is the basis of the device is still unknown.

Also noteworthy is the presence of choice of design options. The housing may be covered with cloth (three options) may be made of wood (two versions) or metal. However, for wood and metal options asking $ 120.

Now Echo can be interfaced with other devices for sharing music. Amazon even offers a set of three speakers at a price of $ 250.

As for the capabilities of the device, they fully depend on the capabilities of the Alexa, and this voice assistant continues to evolve rapidly.



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