Presents projector Xiaomi Mi Laser Projection TV for $1470: diagonal 150 inches from a distance of 50 cm

Company Xiaomi unveiled a new product of their ecosystem Mijia, which, as expected, was the projector, dubbed the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projection TV.

Ultra-short-throw projector Xiaomi Mi Laser Projection TV allows you to display an image diagonal of 150 inches, while at a distance of 50 cm from the surface on which the projected picture. It is noteworthy that the users will not need manual focus image, the projector doing it yourself. The source does not mention the resolution, however, informed sources have repeatedly talked about 4K.

Xiaomi claims Xiaomi Mi Laser Projection TV will last at least 25 thousand hours, which translates into 34 two-hour daily use. For high quality image meets technology Advanced: Laser Fluorescence Display Technology (ALPD 3.0), the claimed contrast ratio is 3000:1, luminous flux of 5000 LM, which corresponds to the level of modern cinema projectors. The projector diffuses the light from the source to reduce eye strain of users.

For audio playback meet two high quality speakers, but users are also available in three different option of connecting external speakers.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projection TV will be offered at a price of 1470 dollars, sales will start on July 4.



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