Presents Intel Itanium processor 9700, which will be the last in this family

Range joined Intel processors series Itanium 9700, known under the name of Kittson. These processors HPE will be used in the Integrity servers i6 priced from $14500 running HP-UX. The new processors are compatible with their predecessors (Poulson) so that they can be installed instead of existing servers.

Processors Kittson will be the last in the line of Itanium, which Intel has opened 16 years ago as a replacement for x86-compatible processors in 64-bit PCs and servers. In recent years, the manufacturer was paid to Itanium less attention. Now he can fully focus on the development of x86-sovmestimi of the line Xeon.

The older series is the model 9760 Itanium processor with eight cores and 32 MB cache third level, running at 2.66 GHz. It costs $4650.

Model 9750 has the same cache, but four cores, and operates at a frequency of 2.53 GHz. It costs $3750.

Eight-processor Itanium 9740 24 MB cache third level and operates at frequency of 2.13 GHz. It costs $2650.

9720 Itanium processor — Quad-core. It is equipped with 20 MB cache in the third level, and the clock frequency is 1.73 GHz. This model is characterized by a TDP of 130 watts, while the other three — 170W.

All models of Intel Itanium 9700 supports multi-threaded execution allows each core to execute two streams of commands, and are manufactured to the standards 32 nm. Built-in memory controllers support up to DDR3-1067.

Source: CDR info



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