Presents image sensors ON Semiconductor KAE-04471 and KAE-02152 type IT-EMCCD

Company ON Semiconductor has announced the release of the image sensors of the type IT-IT (Interline Transfer CCD Electron Multiplication), which are designed for medical and scientific instruments, and cameras high end.

Sensor KAE-04471 resolution of 4 megapixels with a pixel size of 7.4 µm and is characterized by high sensitivity, which is twice greater than the sensitivity of existing sensors IT EMCCD. At outlet level sensor KAE-04471 is compatible with the sensor KAE-08151 resolution of 8 MP. According to the manufacturer, it simplifies the use of existing projects of the cameras.

Model KAE-02152 optical format of 2/3-inch and 1080p resolution follows the model KAE-02150, at the time, discovered a new class of image sensor type CCD. However, she has improved the design of the pixels having a higher sensitivity in the near infrared range. According to the manufacturer, this improvement is particularly important in such applications as surveillance, microscopy, ophthalmology. Structurally, the new device is a complete replacement of the KAE-02150. In addition, as the KAE-02150, it is available in version with built-in thermoelectric cooler.

Engineering samples KAE-04471 is already available, the serial should appear during the quarter. Engineering samples KAE-02152 is also already available, and serial sensors this model should be available in the third quarter.

Source: ON Semiconductor


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