Presents home voice assistant Google Home Mini cost only $ 50

Google has just introduced a home help called Home Mini.

This is a smaller version of the Google Home, which was only appraised in $ 50. You can buy will be from 19 October, a pre-order today. The older the device, the main task of a novelty — act as a voice assistant.

The basis is Google Assistant, so that their main features Home Mini a little different from the older device. Apparently, the differences will be only as sound, but inside the product is a large emitter.

It can also be noted that most of the device is covered in fabric, and are available to choose from three colors: gray, black and red.

The size of the device is 115 x 115 x 120 mm. Also Google said that over the past year, Google’s Assistant has processed more than 100 million voice queries.



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