Presents high-performance SSDs HGST Ultrastar SN200 NVMe and SAS Ultrastar SS200

Western Digital has introduced under the brand name of HGST SSD enterprise segment. In the series Ultrastar SN200 entered NVMe drives size 2.5 inches and in the form of expansion cards PCIe, and a series SS200 Ultrastar SAS — only drives size 2.5 inches.

According to the manufacturer, series Ultrastar SN200 NVMe includes the most capacious drives of this type in its range. In addition, these drives have the highest performance. They conform to the specifications PCIe Gen 3 NVMe and 1.2. The drives are available capacity from 800 GB to 7.68 TB. For mixed loads with a ratio of operations of reading and writing 70/30 performance reaches 560 000 IOPS.

The SS200 Ultrastar SAS drives are also the fastest and most capacious SSD of this type ever produced by Western Digital. It is equipped with SAS interface 12 GB/s, backwards compatible with SAS 6GB/s Drives are available with capacity from 400 GB to 7.68 TB in two versions differing by the resource. The first is designed for one full overwrite daily, and the second is kept for three being. Speed sequential read reaches 1800 MB/s, sequential write — 1000 MB/s. Maximum performance on read operations and write random access declared equal to 250 000 and 86 000 IOPS respectively. The available options instant erase and full encryption.

Samples of SN200 NVMe drives Ultrastar and Ultrastar SAS SS200 already delivered some to customers. Widely available, these products should be in the first quarter of 2017.

Sources: Western Digital, HGST, HGST

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