Presents a conceptual self-driving car Mitsubishi Electric EMIRAI 4

Mitsubishi Electric company presented a concept car the EMIRAI 4, in which the driver assistance system of the next generation. It is expected that the implementation of such systems will help to reduce the number of road accidents, increase safety and comfort, reduce the negative impact of cars on the environment. The new vehicle will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which will be held from 27 October to 5 November

According to the manufacturer, the design EMIRAI 4 the attention of developers focused on three areas: electrification, self-government and connectivity. Innovations in the interface between machine and humans include head-up display with support for augmented reality and high-precision radar, combined with the technology of positioning. Together they allow you to form a reliable picture of the location of the machine, the road surface even in low visibility conditions. A new management body — sliding on the touch surface of the Vernier — provides easy access to system functions without requiring the driver to translate the look of what happens behind the windscreen.

Three-dimensional image formed by the system consisting of two LCD displays, one of which is translucent. This design allows to obtain a clear picture of the situation around the car.

Camera inside monitors the status of the driver and front passenger in order to detect potentially dangerous changes in their behavior. In addition, information from that camera is used for a smooth transition from automatic control to manual.

And one more innovation: if the special sensors detect that the driver or passengers are going to open the door at the back of the machine indicator. Also, a warning image is projected on the roadway. This allows other cars and passengers know in advance that the door will open soon.

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