Presented Windows 10 S

Microsoft today announced the Windows 10 operating system S, which we recently reported.

So, the main thing you need to know — Windows 10’s can only run Win32 applications posted in the app store Windows Store, and app platform Universal Windows Platform (UWP). First, it is much differentiarum this OS with full Windows 10, and secondly, contribute to the emergence of a large number of Windows store apps that Microsoft is extremely important, as they are multiplatform. In addition, it allows the operating system to better operate with their own resources. «Side effects» should also be faster loading and better autonomy.

However, you need to understand that architectural Windows 10 S is the same as Windows 10, just some of its features locked. For this reason, will be able to upgrade Windows 10 S to the full version of the OS. For teachers it will be free but others will cost $ 50.

Also, the new OS supports cloud-based management through Microsoft Intune, Intune for Education and other modern control systems. Also here are the default active sync with the cloud service OneDrive.

First Windows 10 S is aimed at students in General and students in particular, that is supposed to compete with Chrome OS, which now occupies more than half of the educational segment.

Microsoft partners will begin offering their mobile PCs with Windows 10’s in the summer at a price of $ 190. The very same Microsoft introduced the notebook Surface Laptop, which we’ll cover in another newsletter.



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