Presented the liquid cooling system EVGA CLC 120 and 280

Company EVGA presented CPU liquid cooling systems CLC 120 and 280. Their key advantages manufacturer considers high performance, low noise, reliable control and the presence of a full-color logo lighting in the pump. Backlight settings can be synchronized with the backlight settings, compatible 3D-card EVGA.

The composition of both ITS includes new fan blade shape which is optimized to reduce noise while maintaining high performance. The fans are used Teflon sliding bearings.

Model CLC is a 120 radiator dimensions 156 x 122 x 28 mm with a single fan size 120 mm, the speed of which is adjustable in the range of 500-2400 Rev/min.

This model of CLC 280 includes radiator dimensions 312 x 139 x 27 mm with two fans standard size 140 mm, rotating at a speed 600-2200 rpm.

The rotation speed and other settings you can change in the program EVGA CLC Liquid Cooler, which the manufacturer promises to release soon.

Cooling system EVGA CLC is already available for order. Model CLC 120 costs $90, CLC 280 — $130. The manufacturer provides them a five-year warranty.

Source: EVGA



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