Presented the Android operating system Go, focused on budget smartphones

Last night kicked off the event Google I/O 2017, which the search giant introduced a lot of interesting things and told about the wide range of innovations and innovations in existing products.

One of the most interesting Prime was the Android operating system Go. This is not a new OS, an adapted version of the existing one. The first version of Android Go will come to market with Android O, but in fact serial the smartphone will appear in early of next year. Starting with Android O, each full version will have its own version of Android Go.

So, Android Go is adapted for a budget smartphone version of Android. First and foremost, it is optimized for devices with small RAM: 1 GB or less. In addition, developers will be asked to produce a special version of its SOFTWARE tailored for Android Go that is consuming less resources.

The example Google gives a version of YouTube Go, but it’s there since last year, and was originally intended for the Indian market. Recall, this software allows you to view the video offline because there is the ability to save videos to the phone memory. In addition, it allows you to share videos with other users via P2P.

Actually, the latest version of Android is quite nice to work on budget smartphones with 1 GB of RAM and devices with less memory on the market have almost no. As for performance, now even the weakest system on a chip, if to speak about modern solutions, it is able to handle the OS without any problems. For this reason, it is not clear why Android Go out right now and not several years ago.

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