Presented sound system Sonos Playbase, which also serves as a stand for TVs

Now we know why speaker system Sonos Playbase received such unconventional flattened shape.

Today the manufacturer has released details stating that Sonos Playbase is intended for use with TVs that are not hung on the wall, and stand on the stand. The Sonos study showed that 7 out of 10 of the TVs today are set that way. In fact, Sonos Playbase is a quality speaker system and stand at the same time.

Device dimensions are 72 x 36 x 5.8 cm, it withstands TVs weighing up to 34 kg connection to the optical cable. On the front of the case contains more than 43 thousand holes through which sound is spread from six midrange, three high-frequency speakers and one subwoofer.

Sonos Playbase includes a system for improving the quality of conversations and night mode, is designed for television broadcasts.

The price of the device is $ 699 in the US and 799 Euro in Europe, start of sales is expected on April 4.



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