Presented smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 3 — enlarged copy of the Mi 6, devoid of the flagship platform

In addition to Mi Mix 2 smartphone company Xiaomi introduced the Mi Note model 3. This apparatus for line Mi Note is a kind of transitional link. If previously smartphones Mi Note and Mi Note 2, first, offered an uncompromising options, and secondly, different from other models of design, presented today the device is not that.

Let’s start with the fact that externally, the Mi Note 3 is essentially an enlarged version Mi 6. Besides, the machine does not get the top-end Snapdragon SoC 835. Instead I specced Snapdragon 660. Despite the fact that in real conditions it is unlikely that someone will feel the difference between these platforms, the question of «status» for a certain part of buyers will be more important.

So, the novelty has received a display Full HD diagonal of 5.5 inches. Some sources claim that this is the panel Super AMOLED. RAM the smartphone is set to 6 GB, and flash memory — 64 or 128 GB. To expand the latter.

Dual camera has a sensor with resolution of 12 megapixels. Most likely, the camera is similar to that used in Mi 6. The main module has received wide-angle lens with an aperture of F/1.8, and a telephoto lens with aperture of F/2.6. The front camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels. The battery capacity of 3500 mA·h supports Quick Charge 3.0.

The rest can be note the presence of NFC module, the USB-C port, infrared port and stereo speakers. In General, we have before us a smartphone that early rumors appeared under the name of Mi 6 Plus, this means that Xiaomi decided simply to abandon the development of a unique smartphone lineup Mi Note and increased Mi 6.

As for prices, they are exactly the same as it is now in Mi 6. Depending on the modifications and colors (black or blue) for the new asking 385, 445 or 460$.



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