Presented smart refrigerators Samsung Family Hub 2.0

The opening of the exhibition CES 2017 Samsung Electronics was preceded by the announcement of smart refrigerators Family Hub 2.0. This new generation of devices exactly a year ago.

The Family Hub 2.0 functionality, including the ability to order products, view recipes and visiting web resources using the built-in computer with touch screen size of 21.5 inches, is implemented in 10 models. As in the first generation, the inside of the fridge is a camera that allows you to look at it, without opening the door, and particularly, remotely. Product images, it’s time to replenish, you can save the shopping list for the corresponding application. In General, the manufacturer notes improved integration with mobile applications and new opportunities for the use of the refrigerator as a means of communication between family members. For example, along with messaging, interactive Bulletin Board can be used for posting photos and sharing the calendar with scheduler. The new version of the Family Hub supports voice control.

Source: Samsung Electronics



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