Presented smart glasses Google Glass, Enterprise Edition

Division X working in advanced developments in the holding Alphabet, presented a new version of smart glasses Google Glass. Device called Glass Enterprise Edition is targeted at enterprise users.

Made in early 2015 glasses Glass Explorer is not available for individual users, the company Alphabet continued delivery of corporate consumers who were able to practice to make sure that the implementation of innovations increases productivity.

The continued development has allowed to make the device lighter and easier for extended wear, increase performance and increase battery life. Of a fashion accessory, eyewear has become a tool of professionals, whose functionality is with adapts to specific tasks. For example, employees of DHL by using the points in real time get clear instructions for stowage and experts from GE use the app with illustrations and videos explaining the process. The price of the device manufacturer does not name, limited to the statement that glasses Glass Enterprise Edition is now «available to a larger number of companies through a partner network».

Source: Engadget



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