Presented panoramic camera in HD versions Casio EX-FR200

The company Casio has presented a panoramic camera EX-FR200. The device consists of a control unit and the actual camera that is replacement. An interesting feature of the Central unit EX-FR200 is the possibility to manage simultaneously two interchangeable cameras.

There are four shooting mode: panorama resolution 3888 x 3888 pixels angle of view of 180°, and the flattened panorama resolution 7456 x 1864 pixels at field angle of 360°, wide angle, the corresponding corner of the field of view 208°, and a spherical panorama, taken by two cameras simultaneously. In addition to photography possible shooting 4K video.

The camera uses the image sensor type CMOS with reverse exposure. Optical format sensor — 1/2,3 inches, resolution — 11,95 MP. Equivalent focal length of the lens is equal to 13.4 mm camera Module and control unit can be separated.

Or connected in the manner of a conventional camera.

Camera EX-FR200 is equipped with interfaces Bluetooth 2.1 Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. It is protected from dust and humidity: protection degree — IP68. The camera has a shock-resistant design, allowing it to withstand drops from heights up to 1.3 m. the efficiency of the device is maintained at temperatures up to -10°C. as removable media you can use memory cards format microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC.

Simultaneously presented with two interchangeable modules: EX-FR100CA and EX-FR200CA. How they differ may not know and the manufacturer. In any case, he carefully hides this information.

In Japan, the novelty will appear on sale in mid-September. Price the manufacturer does not name.

Source: Casio



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