Presented network controller Killer E2500

The company Rivet Networks, a manufacturer of network controllers series Killer, designed for desktop and mobile PCs, has announced the availability of Killer E2500 models that support Gigabit Ethernet connection.

The advantages of the Killer E2500 manufacturer is the Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 and updated the app Killer Control Center. In addition to the recognition of the traffic and prioritization between games, video and voice applications, Advanced Stream Detect Killer E2500 2.0 allows you to recognize the exchange with more than 500 major web sites. Using Killer Control Center, the user can assign a priority to each app and the website, distribute between them the throughput of the connection, perform other settings. Initial setup is performed automatically, so the user has nothing to change.

According to the manufacturer, a network controller Killer E2500 you can find some gaming motherboards, MSI and Gigabyte. Wider availability is expected by the end of the year.

Source: Rivet Networks


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