Presented MTE850 Transcend SSD with read speeds up to 2500 MB/s

Transcend unveiled a new line of SSDs Transcend MTE850 PCIe NVMe M. 2 2280, which includes models with a capacity of 128, 256 and 512 GB. The device is made in the form factor M. 2 2280.

This is the first Transcend SSDS that use PCI Express Gen 3 x4 and meet the specifications NVM Express (NVMe) 1.2. This allows them to reach speeds of up to 2500 MB/s when reading and up to 1100 MB/s when writing. The manufacturer claims that it is the ideal solution for gaming PC.

The applied drives flash memory MLC 3D NAND and cache memory DDR3, which significantly reduces the boot time of the OS and frequently used apps. SSD supports LDPC (Low Density Parity Check), which increases the reliability of the drives, as well as equipped with a mechanism for detecting and correcting ECC errors.

To track the status and update the firmware of the drive will allow the service application SSD Scope.



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