Presented laptops Apple MacBook Pro with Touch pannel Bar devoid of the usual ports USB-A

Apple has just introduced a new mobile PC MacBook Pro. Most of the rumors about them were true, but not all.

Copertina large part of the event spoke about two new models of laptops, but in the end I submitted three or, so to speak, two and a half. However, everything in order.

New MacBook Pro available in 13-inch display and 15-inch display, both naturally Retina. The grant is still intact and is 2560 x 1600 pixels for the younger model and 2880 x 1800 pixel the older. But the screen is 67% brighter for the same contrast, and display 25% more flowers. Panel still not touch.

The main novelty, of course, is that the touch panel OLED, which is called Touch Bar. With its location it replaces a number of functional keys F1 to F12. But it is able to display different information and provide different controls depending on the application. For example, in the browser’s list of bookmarks, open tabs, and other control buttons. In the music and the video’s playback controls, and volume. More professional, for example, in applications for processing photos and video, this panel displays a plurality of auxiliary controls. Moreover, these elements can be configured and grouped under. Due to the deep integration in the OS and the specifics of Apple software developers, such a panel can indeed provide a new format of interaction with the programs in many cases.

Also this panel contains a fingerprint scanner, which is located on the right side. It can be, for example, to log in to your account or pay for purchases using Apple Pay. A large part of the event was devoted to the possibilities of the Touch Bar, as do the new element not only in the case of the MacBook Pro family but also for the whole market of mobile PCs in General.

The second very important innovation, which, unlike the touch panel, it may alienate many from purchasing a new MacBook Pro — a set of ports. The fact that the new mobile PC is only a headphone Jack and four USB-C 3.1 with the functionality of Thunderbolt 3 each. All. No standard connectors USB-A, no memory card slot or connector for charging. At the time Apple introduced the MacBook, which has a single USB-C port, but it is a fashion device with a weak performance, which is mainly targeted for content consumption of one sort or another. MacBook Pro has always been positioned as a working tool. Even in the event of possible Touch Bar mostly exhibited in various «heavy»: video processing, photo editing and working with audio. For working devices the inability to direct connection of a flash drive, external drive or any other peripherals seems to be extremely controversial. Yes, you can use adapters, which is not so little for the same MacBook, but it’s all important for home use. And in the case of constant or frequent need to work in the field will need as a minimum to carry at least one adapter for connecting the same flash drive, because it will be some time before flash drives with USB connector-C mass will replace the usual nowadays device. Anyway, we have what we have. It should be noted that charge the MacBook Pro through any of the four ports.

Returning to the parameters of the new laptops have new housing. MacBook Pro latest generation are thinner and lighter than its predecessors. The Junior model has a thickness of 14.9 mm and weight of 1.36 kg, and in the senior corresponding parameters equal to 15.5 mm and 1.8 kg. Doubled Force Touch trackpad. The products used the Butterfly keyboard of the second generation. You can also note the presence of the stereo speakers and the absence of the Apple logo on the lid of its own illumination. Batteries should be enough for 10 hours of work in both cases.

The heart of the new PC are the Intel Core processors of the sixth generation. MacBook Pro 13 available with CPU Core i5-6267U (based on the above parameters), Core i5-6287U or Core i7-6567U and with 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM. SSD, the speed of which all models up to 3.1 GB/s, can have a capacity of 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB. Discrete graphics processor from the younger innovations not.

MacBook Pro 15, of course, more productive. There are already Quad core CPU starting with the Core i7-6700HQ and ending with Core i7-6920HQ. RAM has only 16 GB. For data storage there is an additional option in the form of SSD at 2 TB, which did not have predecessors. In addition, the older model is the AMD GPU with Polaris. It could be Radeon Pro 450, Pro Pro 455 or 460. Such models we have not met, so this is a special solution, created for Apple, as has already happened. Judging by the amount of memory (2 or 4GB), uses low GPU Polaris 11. Laptops available in silver and grey color options. For MacBook Pro 13 asking $1800, but for the MacBook Pro 15 — from $2400.

The third model, which we mentioned earlier, is a MacBook Pro 13, devoid the touch element of the Touch Bar. This PC costs $1500, is equipped with a processor Core i5-6360U, 8 GB RAM and SSD capacity of 256 GB. This model, interestingly, is available for purchase now, and more expensive version will be available in 2-3 weeks.



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