Presented iOS 11. iOS 10 is installed on 86% of compatible devices

During the Worldwide Developer Conference in 2017, it was announced that the iOS operating system 10 is installed on 86% of compatible devices, and the seventh version of Android — just 7%. Recent information indicates that the share of Android 7 actually is 9.5%.

Also announced were iOS 11, which will be released in the fall and will be compatible with the following devices, as well as the new iPhone 8.

iOS 11 were a number of innovations, in particular, the new app «Files» which simplifies the searching and sorting of documents. And you can open any documents, even if they are on other devices or in cloud services iCloud, Box or Dropbox.

Advertising iOS, Apple uses the slogan «a Big step for the iPhone. A giant leap for the iPad.» IPad users will get a new Dock, which is available on any screen. You can add to Dock favorite applications, or open files and switch between them with a single swipe. In the right part of the Dock will accommodate apps that you’ve recently opened on your iPad, iPhone or Mac.

From the Dock you can open an additional application, which will appear in the Split View next to the current on a single screen. To Slide Over the second application can be moved to the left. The application switcher will remember together the combination of open apps to quickly return you to them if necessary.

IPad became available drag and drop feature that allows you to quickly transfer text, photos and files from one application to another. You can, for example, touch one or more photos in the browser and drag them into a text editor.

In iOS 11 Apple Pencil stylus will be a more versatile and convenient tool for the iPad Pro. You will be able to make quick marks in PDF files and screenshots, making notes directly on the lock screen, as well as to draw and take notes in apps such as Notes and Mail. You can also sign documents or fill out forms, which you can then send to the required address. In the «Notes» there is a new automatic document scanning, which detects and scans the document cuts off all the excess around the edges, corrects irregularities and eliminates glare.

Updated QuickType keyboard letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation are now on one screen, which reduces the number of switches. Selection of the desired character is performed by swiping down on the key.

Apple introduced in iOS ARKit 11 platform, which is designed to develop augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad.

Camera app for iPhone got a new filter the «professional level», which will allow you to get a more realistic skin tone, and to make high-quality portrait pictures in low light conditions. Live photos received three new effects: looped videos, a pendulum and a long exposure.

Each year, the users of iOS devices make more than a trillion photos. Apple introduced the new format of the HEIF, which is to replace the JPEG. A new compression format allows you to get pictures of excellent quality that take up half the space than before. The videos will also be more effectively compressed format H. 265.

Will be updated in the App store, and developers say about the biggest update in the history. The store will feature a daily selection of editors, a separate tab for games, lists of apps by subject and more.

Voice assistant Siri will be able to communicate with you more realistic votes and will become more useful in iOS 11, which will be facilitated by advanced machine learning technology and special algorithms. Monthly services Siri are 375 million people. You will be able to say something in English, and Siri will translate it into other languages.

In iOS 11 you will be able to configure the updated control Point, adding the necessary functions and applications. Also, the control Point will receive support 3D Touch. In addition, it talks about a more convenient lock screen. Swipe down will show notifications, left for widgets, up more options

When you are driving, your iPhone will just accumulate incoming calls, messages and notifications, automatically notifying your contacts that you are not able to answer. All the information you will see after the trip. VIP contacts will be able to reach you in case of emergency.

Apple will also update the «Map» that will be more convenient and intuitive.



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