Presented headphones Meizu Flow $89

The company Meizu has introduced headphones Meizu Flow, which are offered at a price of $ 89. The device was designed by the joint efforts of the Meizu Acoustics and Japanese designer Pin Ching Hao (Jing Hao Ping). They also collaborated with the Institute of Acoustics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to make the sound Meizu Flow of the highest quality.

Meizu Flow received traindriver system with a moving element that is responsible for handling low frequencies. Two highly sensitive drivers are engaged in medium and high frequencies. Helps to provide quality sound and proprietary technology Bass Vening System. The headset has a microphone, a control unit and a gold plated 3.5 mm Jack.

During the development special attention was paid to comfort, the manufacturer has tried a number of prototypes, trying to find the optimal shape. Included with the headphones, customers will find a handy storage case and six pairs of ear cushions.

When buying with smartphones Meizu Pro 7 or Pro 7 Plus the price is reduced to $ 74.

In China, the headphones will go on sale August 5.



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