Presented enterprise HDD Toshiba MG05 volume of 8 TB

Line of enterprise hard drives Toshiba MG05 with a new model with a volume of 8 TB. The new index MG05ACA800 different from the previous representatives of the series MG04 not only increased capacity, but the 12% increase in read speed from the platter (up to 230 MB/s). It is noteworthy that the increase in capacity occurred in parallel with the increase in the declared time between failures by as much as 42% (2 million hours).

The drive is available in versions MG05ACA800A and MG05ACA800E, the first sector size of 4 KB, the second is the emulation of 512 byte sectors, which can be useful for legacy equipment. The estimated load on the HDD reaches up to 550 TB per year, supported 24/7.

Hard drive Toshiba MG05ACA800 equipped with interface SATA 6 GB/s, the size of the cache memory is 128 MB. The plates rotate with a speed of 7200 rpm, the number is not specified. Power consumption reaches 11.4 W, operating temperature range 5 to 55°C. Delivery HDD Toshiba MG05ACA800 has already begun.



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