Presented drives Intel Optane desktop

After Optane drive Intel SSD DC P4800X designed for servers, Intel introduced the Optane drives for desktop PCs.

From the back of the drive, they significantly differ in volume. Recall, the Intel SSD DC Optane P4800X proposed volume of 375 GB, and in the future we plan to release models of 750 GB and 1.5 GB. The desktop drives will be produced with capacity of 16 and 32GB, but using them is supposed to be cached.

According to the manufacturer, adding an SSD to the system processor-Intel Core seventh generation allows you to double the speed of the initial load and to improve overall performance by 28%. If we consider only the performance of the storage subsystem, it grows by 14 times, greatly reducing the startup time of applications.

By reducing the amount managed to do SSD prices are quite affordable: the model with 16 GB costs $44, 32 GB — $77. Sales should begin on April 24. System with a new SSD offer PC makers.

It remains to add that upgrade by adding an SSD Intel Optane can only be PC on Intel Core or seventh generation or newer.

Source: Intel



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