Presented CPU ARM Cortex-a and Cortex A75 A55 with the accelerator of artificial intelligence DynamIQ ARM and GPU ARM Mali-G72

ARM expects a shipment in next five years 100 billion chips in its architecture

The company introduced ARM processor cores Cortex-Cortex A75 and A55. It is significant that on this press release begins with a story about how transforming the world of technology artificial intelligence (AI). According to the developer of processors, algorithms, AI often require computational resources that are available only in the cloud, but «obladatelnitsy» approach is not optimal in the long run, if you ask for «to make potential AI is omnipresent and close to the user in real time with more privacy.» Alternatively, it is proposed to transfer part of the load on the end devices. To do this, they must be equipped with appropriate hardware. As you can guess, in Cortex-Cortex A75 and A55 there are such means.

They are the first implementation of ARM technology DynamIQ, including a special team to speed up tasks and allowing the AI to cluster the different processor cores. Another block of the SoC to increase performance in problems of AI, is graphics processor Mali-G72.

ARM Cortex-A75 belongs to the category of high-performance cores Cortex-A55 — for cores with high energy efficiency.

In fact, details about the Cortex-A75, Cortex-A55 and GPU Mali-G72 became known the day before. In short, all preliminary data is confirmed, which is not surprising, because in the leak featured slides of the official presentation.

Of course, hardware is not limited. According to ARM, the software developers for its processors feature a developed ecosystem that includes all the components necessary to «start the AI revolution».

It only remains to add that the developer is counting on a delivery in the next five years, 100 billion chips on the ARM architecture.

Source: ARM


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