Presented computer case NZXT H700i, H400i and H200i

NONETHELESS, the company introduced the computer case series H. Model H700i designed for Board size ATX, H400i on Board size mATX, H200i on Board size mini-ITX. They all come with RGB led and fans. In the description of new buildings, the manufacturer allocates a built-in Smart controller Device for controlling fans and lighting.

The Smart controller Device equipped with a sound sensor fan noise, the readings of which uses adaptive noise cancellation. According to the manufacturer, «the intelligent algorithm uses the accumulated array of cloud-based data and self-study for scheduling optimal operation of the fans». The result, allegedly, can be a reduction in noise by 40%.

Another common feature of buildings of H-series is the patented cable management system. In addition, the side panel enclosures series made of tempered glass.

The drives are mounted in removable compartments located on the casing of the power supply and is designed for drives size 2.5 inches. Additional space is on the back of the tray for the motherboard. In addition, there are locations for drives size 3.5 inches.

H700i equal dimensions 230 x 494 x 494 mm, weight — 12,27 kg per panel I / o this model has two USB 2.0 connectors and USB 3.0 connectors for headphones and microphone. Case accommodates up to seven expansion cards up to a length of 413 mm and up to ten drives. The maximum height of the CPU cooler is equal to 185 mm.

Case H400i dimensions 210 x 393 x 421 mm and weighs 7.6 kg. He has got two USB 3.0 connectors and jacks for headphones and microphone. The housing has space for four cards with a length up to 411 mm and four drives. The maximum height allowed CPU cooler — 164 mm.

Case H200i with dimensions of 210 x 349 x 372 mm and weighs 6.0 kg. it has room for two expansion cards and four disk drives. Maximum length expansion cards — 325 mm. the CPU cooling system can be up to 165 mm panel I / o has two USB 3.0 connectors and jacks for headphones and microphone.

Case H Series are available in four color combinations: matte black/black, matte white/black, matte black/red matte black/blue.

In Europe housing H700i costs 200 euros, H400i — 150 Euro, H200i EUR 130. In Russia, they should appear in October, November and December respectively.



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