Presented by the smart acoustic system Harman Kardon Invoke with support for Cortana, but the details about it

It is unlikely Amazon guessed that, putting on the market smart acoustic system Echo with Alexa voice assistant, it will create a completely new segment that wants to play various major players.

Google introduced the device with the Home assistant. Apple, according to rumors, is preparing Speaker, Siri, and Microsoft decided to go a slightly different route and did not itself create something similar. Instead, the market goes smart as Harman Kardon Invoke with the AI Cortana.

Like other devices in this segment (in varying degrees), Invoke has a cylindrical shape. Unfortunately, details about the new product almost no. Advised of the possibility of make calls through Skype. Also, of course, Invoke will be able to answer questions, provide information from the Network, and so on. All this is due to the capabilities of Cortana.

On the official website stated that the device will be available in the fall. But neither the exact launch date of the sale or price is not yet announced.



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