Preparing a Fitbit activity tracker Flex 2 and Charge 2

The company Fitbit is preparing to introduce the second generation of the devices Flex and Charge. About devices there is no specific information, but there is image.

Charge 2 will get a much larger screen, so the user will have more info without having to press any buttons. It can be assumed that this will be the main novelty of the device. However, the Charge 2 also has the heart rate sensor, but such was the generation in case of modification of the Charge HR.

But Flex 2, like its predecessor, no screen will not get, but in this case, change the form of the device. It will become more rounded and, probably, in the first place is for the beautiful half of humanity.

The second tracker will be protected from water and will be able to track the user’s activity and his sleep.

Presumably, the new items announced on November 27.



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