Predictions for 2018

Each of us would like a little lift the veil of uncertainty and to know what kind of future awaits him and what happens with him in the near future.

To meet the interest of many of us a higher power sent to mankind a peculiar people, which, thanks to well-developed intuition, analytical ability and ability to see and recognize the signs of destiny, able to predict the near and distant future.

What awaits us in 2018? What events are foretold by the great prophets and clairvoyants? Even if you stretch to believe in such predictions, to listen to them all. Everything that is inaccessible to our ordinary understanding, not always is a lie or a falsification.

Predictions for Russia: General forecast

In recent years, a large number of psychics and people foretelling the future. This makes it difficult to adequately assess the true situation and to find many of the most truthful predictions.

Unfortunately, the predictions of clairvoyants could not be tested at a particular moment. Their rightness is estimated to have occurred. In addition, many of the «enlightened» people claim that information is encrypted in images and symbols, which complicates its interpretation.

Even among the predictors, many individuals who interpret the same statement in his own way. Who to believe – the question still remains.

But whoever the person that predicts the future – monk, fortune teller, psychic, etc. – they all agree that the upcoming 2018 will be a crucial period for the world.

The modern world is changing rapidly. In just a few years old installation ceased to be relevant for the future. The Russians should be ready for some changes. So they will be positive or negative, depends on each person, from the adoption of these changes and their objective assessment.

Vanga predictions of Russia for 2018

Many Vanga predictions have come true, so her prophecies listens the whole world. This is one of the most respected oracles in the history of clairvoyance. She predicted the beginning of the great Patriotic War, the September 11 attacks in the United States, the tragedy with the submarine «Kursk», etc. recently came true another prediction of the great Vanga about the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula to Russia.

According to the predictions of Vanga, in 2018 superpower will be China. The rest of the world will have to reckon with their economy and army. Today is difficult to find a state that would not benefit from the products produced in this country. Russia will do its utmost to cooperate with China, developing diplomatic relations.

The current Russian leadership, according to a clairvoyant, a long time will lead the country to the formation of a power, which every year becomes stronger and stronger. The actual power shift will happen. Last ruler of the country will grow up worthy change, which will lead the policy on the thumb path and will not disappoint the Russians their control.

With the onset of 2018 all spheres of life will grow stronger and straighten your shoulders. Russia will be on the way to influential power to be reckoned with in the world.

Despite political aspirations, will come to the fore the spiritual values and faith. Even young people will support the elected leadership of the country, the policy of unity of the nation.

According to Vanga, in 2018 there will be an endless source of energy, the embodiment of which is sought by many great minds.


The great fortune-teller saw that 2018 will be the beginning of mass implementation of unknown electronic devices that will make people kind of robots. The electronic system will strongly enter into an everyday life of Russians, relegating to the background paper.

Globa prediction for Russia in 2018

Forecasts Pavel Globa known to many Russians. This modern star-Gazer, bases its predictions on the position of the heavenly bodies. A lot of what the clairvoyant tells, comes true in one degree or another.

According to Globa, the predictions about Russia is very contradictory. This year is not easy. But don’t worry, it’s not so sad there will be good times, which, unfortunately, will change difficulties.

In 2018 in the political arena, Russia will reach some stability. There will be a strengthening of diplomatic ties between our state and European neighbors. In the new year will change the composition of the Eurasian Union, which will include Transnistria and other friendly countries.

Russia’s economy is also stronger, not without raising prices for food and energy.

If we talk about the more everyday and mundane topics, it is worth to mention natural disasters that predicts Pavel Globa in 2018.

Throughout the year in many parts of the world will experience strange natural phenomena unusual for the area or time of year. For Russia, a clairvoyant predicted the threat of massive forest fires.

The prophecy monk Abel on Russia in 2018

Recording wise elder Abel still arouse interest among scientists who are trying to find the secret of the amazing abilities of this diviner.

Prophet Abel predicted the future as ordinary people and emperors, and not always successful. For their truthful forecasts elder than once was placed in jail, where eventually he died of starvation and hypothermia.

Many elders, prophets, and psychics have made predictions about Russia, because they believed our country a great power, which will hold its title for a very long time.

According to the prophet Abel, in 2018 Russia will finally be able to «breathe» from external attacks and completely immersed in restoring internal order. The «steering» would be a fair and wise ruler, in which Russia becomes a developed superpower.

How to judge the predictions of the great prophets and clairvoyants, the year 2018 will be difficult and decisive time for our country. It is expected gradual strengthening of Russia on all positions, but we face some difficulties that can be overcome only by supporting each other.

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