Pre-order LG G6 in Korea is a bonus in the amount of about $400

LG announced the launch of receiving pre-orders for the smartphone LG G6, which so far offer only available to residents of South Korea where the device will appear initially.

Accepting pre-orders will last until March 9 and the beginning of sales of smartphone in South Korea will be held on March 10, 2017.

The LG G6 will get a nice bonus in particular, the original case for a smartphone, and one-year warranty for free replacement of screen in case of damage. In the future when buying such a cover and the design of the guarantee will have to pay $220.

Also pre-order have the opportunity to purchase for only $5 one of the following products: headset LG Tone+, LG keyboard or the Keyboard 2 coffee machine Nescafe.

The total size of the discounts when you make a pre order for LG G6 in Korea may reach $400.

Expect similar offerings for Europe, where the smartphone will cost 700 euros.



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