Power UMC in the last quarter were loaded on 96%

The company United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), which is one of the leading contract manufacturers of semiconductor products, published a report for the first quarter of 2017.

UMC income for the period amounted to 1.24 billion dollars. This is somewhat less than in the previous quarter, but 8.8% more than a year ago. The profitability of production amounted to 19.9%, and net profit of 75.9 million dollars.

The company’s management notes that the capacity utilisation was 96%. In just a quarter was processed 1.68 million wafers (200 mm equivalent).

With regard to the distribution of income between products made by different technological standards, the largest share corresponds to the interval «more than 28 nm but less than or equal to 40 nm». Like a year ago, it is equal to 29%. In the second place, the product manufactured according to the norms of 28 nm or less. Its share increased from 8% to 17%. The share of products manufactured according to the norms from 40 to 65 nm is 13% (a year ago it was equal to 19%). The same accounts for rules from 130 to 180 nm, but the share of these products for the year has not changed. Products made according to the norms from 90 to 130 nm, brought the company 11% of revenue, from 180 to 350 nm is 10%. Another 4% are the norm from 65 to 90 nm, and 3% on the rules of 0.5 µm or more.

Source: UMC



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