Power transistor eGaN FET EPC2046, designed for a voltage of 200 V, 12 times less than that of a silicon MOSFET transistor

EPC company has introduced a powerful EPC2046 transistor, designed for using in the circuits of wireless charging, voltage converters, power supplies, inverters for solar cells and other similar applications. A transistor designed for voltage up to 200 V and pulse output current up to 55 A. the resistance in the open state does not exceed 25 mW.

Size EPC2046 in the performance of CSP, providing a good cooling of 0.95 x 2.76 mm., the Manufacturer said that it is 12 times smaller than that of a silicon MOSFET device in a plastic housing having comparable parameters. In EPC2046 used gallium nitride.

To accelerate the development of EPC2046 developers, the manufacturer offers introductory fee, the designation EPC9079. In addition to the transistor EPC2046, it is the driver, capacitors and other components that enable you to explore the work EPC2046.

EPC2046 price of $3,51 per share in batch of 1000 pieces. EPC9079 fee is $118,75. Sales have already begun.

Source: EPC


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