Power supply SilverStone ST1000-ST1200 PT and-PT are fully modular

Range SilverStone replenished power supply ST1000-ST1200 PT and-PT. In the names, as you can guess, lies the power value of each model.

Models have the 80 Plus Platinum certification and a fully modular stand system cable connections.

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The Junior model is able to provide a current of 83 A at the line 12, and the older, this figure rises to 100 A. the Value of MTBF for both new declared equal to 100 000 hours. Responsible for the power fan size 139 mm noise Level supposedly does not exceed 36 dBA. At low load the PSU is able to stop the fan.

Except for the power blocks have only one difference — the number of connectors to connect power to the graphics card. The younger model of such connectors is six, and the eldest eight. The device sizes are 150 x 180 x 86 mm weight 3.3 kg. the Cost ST1000-ST1200 PT and-PT is 194 and 244 euros respectively.



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