Power supply In Win C-and C 750W-900W is estimated at 170 and 195 euros, respectively

The range of the company In Win has added to the power supply line Classic. The line includes two models, C-and C 750W-900W, with a capacity of respectively 750 and 900 watts.

The Junior model is estimated at 170 euros and for more powerful already have to pay 195 Euro. New items are allocated fully modular connection system cables, accordance with the specifications ATX v2.4 and EPS2.92 and also have a certificate 80 Plus Platinum. The MTBF value declared at the level of 100 000 hours and the warranty period is seven years.

If we talk about the options, the units use the same housing dimensions 165 x 150 x 86 mm weight 3 kg. and Identical set of connectors, nine SATA connectors, four power connectors for graphics cards (6+2) and one (4+4). Moreover, even the current virtual 12 identical lines In four lines at 25 A.

In Win


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