Power supply FSP Hydro PTM have a certificate 80 Plus Platinum

The company FSP has introduced a series of power units Hydro Hydro PTM. The series includes models with a capacity of 650, 750 and 850 watts. Power supply FSP Hydro PTM have a certificate 80 Plus Platinum.

The PSU is painted black. For cases where a blue sticker on the case is not compatible with colors of other system components, the manufacturer has included a package of stickers of red or green colors.

In the description of a new PSU the manufacturer notes the use of «Japanese electrolytic capacitors industrial grade», and high stability of output voltages — as stated, the deviation from nominal shall not exceed ±1%. Voltage 12 V is formed on one bus. Cooling of the components assigned to a quiet 135 mm fan with hydrodynamic bearing. The blocks come from a variety of emergency situations. Power units Hydro PTM is equipped with modular cable systems and are equipped with flat cables black.

The manufacturer provides the power supply units FSP Hydro PTM ten years guarantee.


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