Power amplifier Chord SPM 1050 MkII is equipped with switched mode power supply

The Chord company introduced the stereo power amplifier SPM 1050 MkII that comes to replace the first modification. Built-in power filter reduces noise coming from outside and out. The use of pulsed power supply allowed to increase its power up to 2 kW, and the capacity of the storage capacitors in the new version was increased, the transformer is better insulated from other circuits.

For each channel, as earlier work on the four lateral MOSFET, but the overall distortion was reduced. They amount to 0.05% at rated power 200 W and a load resistance of 8 Ω and 4 Ω when the power increases to 350 W at a constant level of distortion. The ratio of signal to noise is 103 dB (at a power of 67% of maximum) channel separation more than 95 dB. The slew rate of the output voltage reaches 70 V for 1 MS the square wave signal with an amplitude of 20 V.

Case Chord SPM 1050 MkII is made of aluminium and got a new top panel with vents, and the total mass of 15 kg effectively resists unwanted vibrations. To connect the pre-amp is a pair of balanced XLR and RCA pair. New now can buy anyone for £ 4950.



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