Posted image Dell XPS 13 ultrabook of new generation

Dell announces a new generation of compact XPS 13 usually at the annual January CES in the United States. Here and in the following year at the Consumer Electronics Show will unveil a new Dell XPS 13, however, a working prototype of the device is ready – the source has published images and some technical details.

New XPS 13 is thinner and appearance now more repeats model 2-in-1 XPS 13 9365 than the regular XPS 13 9360. According to the source, a full-sized USB 3.0 port is gone – instead, the USB-C (total number of connectors to three). Also the memory card slot replaced with SD slot card smaller microSD. The Web camera was moved from the lower left corner to the center of the bottom frame – the same way the camera unit is decorated in the XPS 13 9365. But the screen InfinityEdge was left in its place.

The laptop will be offered in white and pink versions (traditional black is also not going anywhere). I wonder what the white color was the reason for the replacement of a carbon fiber constituting the operation panel of the laptop of the current generation, glass. The company noted that to create carbon fiber authentic white had no chance.

Other details about Dell XPS 13 will be available closer to the end of the year. But there is no doubt that along with its slim profile laptop has a new Intel 8 Core generation.

Source: Techradar



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