Portable speakers raD protected from water and can be interfaced with similar devices

On the site Indiegogo has successfully held a fundraiser for sound system raD. When the requested amount of $ 50,000 has already been collected 144 000 dollars in stock from the creators of the device are still 24 days.

raD — not the smallest portable AC. Its dimensions are 122 x 122 x 72 mm and weight of 1.5 kg That is in a pocket or even a jacket pocket, the device is not put. But the creators promise that the device will reproduce the sound loudly enough. There are four known emitters with a diameter of 38 mm and a low frequency speaker with a diameter of 76 mm.

In addition, as protected against water (IPx5), although to completely submerge it. Another interesting feature is the ability to match between up to eight such devices. Also raD you can pair with the AU Core of the same manufacturer (Mass Fidelity). Pairing occurs through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (5GHz) and allows you to sound much larger premises.

The sound source can be connected to speakers using Bluetooth or cable. Also raD is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter and can play music from streaming services. The battery will last for eight hours. In addition, the AC is able to charge mobile devices.

Selling raD should appear in April, 2017 at a price of $ 190. Participating in the campaign to raise funds to get the device for $ 170.


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