Portable recorder Philips VoiceTracer DVT7500 designed for recording live music

Portable recording device normally associated with the voice recording, because the small camera is difficult to ensure high sound quality is required, for example, for recording live music. However, the illustrated device Philips VoiceTracer DVT7500 is positioned as a music recorder. Its engineers have developed a Speech Processing Solutions — established in 1954, a subsidiary of Philips, specializing in the production of tape recorders.

The recorder is equipped with three microphones, XLR input and line input, allowing you to connect instruments and other sources. The user can adjust the level of the input signals and recording formats PCM (WAV) and MP3 with sample rates up to 96 kHz and bit depth 24 bit. To store records, you can use 16 GB of internal flash memory and a microSD card. The device is equipped with a color display. Works DVT7500 Li-ion battery capacity of 1300 mA * h, which is without charge is enough for 30 hours recording in MP3 format with bitrate of 128 Kbit/s With dimensions of 125 × 64,5 × 22 mm recorder weighs 166 g.

According to the manufacturer, the device will be useful for musicians and Amateurs, composers, songwriters and students of music.

Source: Philips



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