Populele — Xiaomi has released a smart version of a Hawaiian musical instrument

Ukulele (ukulele) is a Hawaiian four stringed musical instrument, which is sometimes equipped with double strings, can be eight strings.

Company Xiaomi has continued to expand its product range, presenting Populele — smart version of ukulele, which is equipped with LEDs, a micro USB connector and the ability to work in conjunction with smartphones.

Populele is intended for those who want to learn to play this musical instrument. The manufacturer claims that you only need a few minutes to begin play at Populele first tune.

The eponymous educational application installed on smartphones that are running Android 4.3, iOS 8 and newer versions of these OS. The app has recorded more than 100 tunes, musical instrument equipped with a module Bluetooth 4.0 LE and 72 LEDs that light up in the correct sequence.

The tool is made of Indonesian rosewood, Populele weight is only 500 g For $ 58 in the kit you will also receive a case for storage and carrying.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin March 28.



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