Popular ideas and meanings dragon tattoos

Related to tattoos has always been different. Someone thinks their way of expression or even art, while others categorically do not accept. However, if you decide to make a tattoo, I special attention should be paid to the choice of the image. Today we will discuss the features and value of one of the most popular figures of the dragon.

Tattoo dragon: a little history

It is believed that the image of a dragon as a tattoo began to use one of the first. It is often worn by men, as the reading was in line with strong traits of character or purpose. But at the same time, the dragon combines a pretty ambiguous quality. For example, aggression and rage, and a kind of elegance and beauty. Agree, this combination is quite unusual.

In China the dragon is still the symbol of the deity, fertility, wisdom and the personification of the Imperial house. In turn, the culture of Europe it has a slightly different meaning. Often the dragon is a symbol of anger, deceit and greed.

In the modern world to tattoo with a dragon, are more loyal. So the option to choose people from around the world. Moreover, it is believed that in the United States and Europe is the dragon is the most popular image as the body figure.

The most popular values a tattoo of a dragon

Surely you know that the value of each figure in the world of tattoos depends on many factors. Special attention is paid to recommend the location, character, tone, and technique of application. They are considered the most important in determining the main values.

In General, the image of a dragon on the body symbolizes the real power, intransigence, power, and even rebellion, the ability to go beyond their limits. Therefore, it is chosen for itself, strong and strong-willed people who know exactly what they want to achieve in life. Moreover, the days they have no obstacles in achieving this goal.

Another popular tattoo meaning the dragon is wisdom, loyalty and generosity. Therefore, this pattern quite often choose girls.

The value of a tattoo in the form of a dragon in color

Often, the images for tattoo have multiple meanings. They differ based on location and additional details. But in the case of the figure of the dragon, a lot depends on selected color.

For example, dragon black color in addition to the basic sense means respect and love for parents. This option is the most popular for both men and women. Tattoo blue hue symbolizes openness, tranquility and compassion. There are also combined variants, which look no less attractive.

Red color for this figure is very ambiguous, since the value may be different. On the one hand is passion and love, and with another – the hostility and security at home. By the way that image is often chosen for himself a people for whom family is the main thing in life.


The yellow dragon as a pattern for a tattoo is rarely used. The fact that it symbolizes war, attack and long-awaited victory. Therefore, it is chosen for those who like to be alone and does not like noisy companies.

Value tattoo’s location

Also a lot depends on how it will be is the dragon. The most popular is the image of a dragon with outstretched wings, grin and large claws. This means hostility and aggression against other people.

A dragon with drooping wings and closed mouth is considered a special symbol of wisdom and good intentions. Therefore, it is chosen by those who aspire to self-development and spiritual growth.

Those who opt for flying up the dragon, you should know that it means a special openness and positive thinking. But if he goes down, the value will be completely opposite. Aggression and willingness to attack are the most relevant features of the tattoo.

The Chinese dragon looks very unusual and different from the other snake-like body shape, and claws. Due to this, the image is of a warlike nature. It is often doing quite voluminous.

The most popular areas for tattoo dragon

Experienced masters advise to choose for such three-dimensional images is the biggest area. Often these include back, hip or shoulder. That they have the opportunity to convey the beauty of the figure, highlighting all the essential and even the smallest details.

Not to mention that men often opt for a fairly aggressive options in dark colors. Because they emphasize virility and strength. Best of all, they look on the back, shoulder blade or arm. If you want you can make a sleeve with lots of details. However, this is quite a serious step, so think carefully before an appointment to the master.

Female tattoos with image dragon more graceful and calm. Not infrequently they are made in color and have a different inscription, unusual details. For example, sometimes a dragon surrounded by flowers or inscriptions. Due to this, the image looks more feminine and even elegant.

As for location, it can be hip, hand, back, shoulder blade or shoulder. Size need not be too large. It all depends on personal preference.

For those who want to put the image of the dragon unusual for this area, one can choose the wrist and neck. Of course, hide them under clothing is quite problematic, so think hard before you make that decision.

Tattoo the dragon looks very nice due to the fact that it is often quite large. This allows you to highlight the details, use vivid colors and dream. But still it will occupy a significant part of your body, and it is not for everyone. In any case, pay attention to the choice of sketch and colors.

How do you feel about oversized tattoo?

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