Ponchos and capes 2018: the original models and combinations

One of the trends of the new season became the coat of unusual style: ponchos, capes and all capes. Last season this type of outerwear has just started to appear on the delicate shoulders of fashionistas, but in 2018, the tendency to choose the original model gained momentum.

A collection of fashion designers of the past years demonstrated similar clothing, but Russian women are not in a hurry to get it, as he feared to give your body the extra volume. But now many of them realized that with proper selection of model, you can create a stunning image and to create a nice bow. It capes and coats will add a solemnity and elegance.

Capes: the shape and features

The Cape coat is a trapezoidal shape. Emphasis on the shoulders, thus highlighting the cloak of a number of others. The loose fit of this product may mislead many. In fact, such a model tailored figure and is able to highlight both advantages and disadvantages.

The ancestor of medieval European steel capes clothing without sleeves that dragged on the neck. Since then, the basic shape of the dress remained, but in detail it has undergone numerous changes. Now this outfit has become popular and is worthy to replenish the wardrobe of fashionistas.

Poncho on the catwalk and in the wardrobe

Poncho came out of ethnic styles and for a long time was used only to give the image a certain mood. Modern models are suitable for any occasions: Hiking, meeting friends, celebrations and everyday Affairs.

Cut a poncho will allow the girl not with any complexion can choose for themselves a suitable model. Full ladies of small stature wearing such a vest is not recommended. They will give more volume to the upper body.

The new season 2018

Fashion houses around the world have offered to lovers of the fashion industry to treat yourself to a original products from their new collections. For example, Sonya Rikel released on the catwalk models in capes-coats. Max Mara showed a elongated coat Cape red. This model is equipped with a zipper. Brand Michel Kors joined in a single product coat, fur coat and Cape. The result is interesting and original thing, suitable for different bows. Even among branded products is to provide product from Mulberry. This long quilted coat-poncho, sewn on the sides. It resembles a thick quilt like him, and called visitors to the Internet.

To create the perfect harmonious bow enough to get a skirt or pants in material, color and texture matching with the coat.

Fashion trends of the new season

Fashionable in the new season, capes are unable to button buttons or zip. Some models allow the lack of the clasp. In terms of the length of the designers leave the fashion freedom of choice. You can wear a short Cape mini, MIDI or long style Maxi. As a result of such a wide range of variants you can create stunning images.

At the height of fashion plaid capes. You can select any cell, each of them will look stylish and modern. These products showed their new collections brands Blumarine and Sakai. Also relevant capes with Cape. Water repellency of clothing from the brand J Koo make it original, practical and beautiful.

The fur on the Cape also attracts the attention of fashionistas. This original solution embodied in the products of the fashion house Max Mara and Christian Dior. Especially expensive and luxury fur represented in the collection of Dennis Basso. Also successful models of capes suggested brands Derek Lam, See by Chloe, TSE, Versace, Lam.

Fashion textured fabrics. Cloaks made them look especially elegant. These original models can be viewed on the shows of the fashion houses Alberta Ferretti, Mourad Zaheer, Bottega Veneta.

How to wear the Cape and other Cape

Casual bow combines jeans and a Cape. Designers have proposed interesting combination with cloak no slits for hands. This means that the bag will have to be in the hands of a gentle under coat. This image brings a casual look a touch of luxury and chic. With blue jeans a distinct look as a plain Cape, and printed. You can choose the model in military style, which will be complemented by major military buttons and insignia. Also goes with a coat, embellished with embroidery and patterns applied by other methods.

If the choice fell on the poncho, let it be flare model up to mid-thigh. With her perfect look wide or slightly flared pants. To complement the look better with heels as flat shoes are in this case, only accentuate the ability of capes to conceal centimeters growth and add volume. In the new season designers are particularly sensitive about the role of footwear in the way. Let the coat goes well with heeled shoes. The length of the heel does not matter, as long as it was pronounced and noticeable.

With capes look great clothing options, making the lower part of the body already. It can be pencil skirts, tight dresses, jeans skins, breeches, etc. Such images are better than a large complement of accessories and avoid small elements. Also capes will not tolerate the neighborhood with all sorts of bags and backpacks. It is better to use a small clutch bag or another bag with clean lines.

In order not to distort the proportions of the body, you should carefully choose the length of coat and other clothes. Under ultra-short coat suit mini skirt or tight short dress. The black color in this situation would be most beneficial. The easiest way to look for clothes in those options that would fit under a classic coat. In this case, the outfit will look harmonious. It is important that the sleeves of clothing, which in any case will be visible in the slots, match the color of the Cape. If the closet is only one Cape, let its color will be the most versatile.

Designers offer a wide selection of capes, ponchos and other capes. Their popularity is growing from season to season. Fashionista has learnt to pick the optimal combination and create the perfect bows with them. Therefore, almost in every wardrobe already found the place romantic stylish Cape or poncho.

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