Pokemon GO for the month brought the creators of $200 million

During the first month after its appearance on the market of mobile games has brought the creators of over 200 million dollars, estimated by experts of the analytical company Sensor Tower.

In addition, Sensor Tower compares the achievements of the Pokemon GO and the other two successful mobile games: battle Royale and Candy Crush Soda Saga. Clash Royale and Pokemon GO walked side by side for 17 from the time of release, but then Pokemon GO showed a rapid breakthrough. At that time, the piggy Bank game was about $ 75 million.

What caused this surge? The game in Japan, Pokemon GO and then began to earn money even faster than during the first two weeks.

Two weeks ago we reported that version Pokemon Go Android downloaded over 50 million times. Yesterday it became known that the number of downloads of this version already exceeded 100 million

The game is still not released in India, Africa, Korea and the middle East.


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