PlayStation 4 Pro is very easy to disassemble

Specialists iFixit got to the PlayStation 4 Pro to take it apart and assess whether the device is suitable for repair.

Since the home game console — the device is quite large and the design does not require to save every cubic millimeter, the disassembly process in General does not cause difficulties, but in the end the console has earned eight points out of a possible ten. The process can be seen in the video.

For example, access to the drive is very simple, you do not even need to disassemble the console, so the change will not cause problems. In a specific device, which fell on preparatory table, used HDD HGST HTS541010A9E680 1TB.

The new console uses a power supply 289 W vs 165-watt models in a PS4.

The system Board is located of the following components: SoC SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment) CXD90044G which is developed by company AMD, microchip, Samsung K4B4G0846E DDR3, USB 3.0 controller Cypress CYUSB3312, eight chips Samsung GDDDR5 K4G80325FB adapter wireless interfaces J20H091 Sony, SCEI chip CXD90036G, which is a version of the Marvell ASIC 88EC128-BNS2 and other.

The cooling system consists of a relatively large heatsink with three heat pipes and fan, designed for a voltage of 12 V and a current of 2.1 A.

In the end, the points were taken only for the fact that the seals on the screws are deprived of the guarantee in the event of a violation.



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