Player Ultra HD Blu-ray Oppo UDP and UDP 203-205 first received support Dolby Vision

In September of this year was presented to the player Ultra HD Blu-ray Oppo UDP-203, which went on sale in late 2016. In April this year was released an enhanced model number Oppo UDP 205.

Since the announcement Oppo UDP 203, the developers have promised to add support for high dynamic range Dolby Vision, which was to appear at the beginning of the year. Finally, this week, the manufacturer has released the long awaited firmware update for both players, instructions for the download and installation of which is represented by the link in the source.

It is important to understand that Dolby Vision will work only on compatible televisions for discs Ultra HD Blu-ray with appropriate support. This week the market received the first of those animated films «Despicable me» and «Despicable me 2″. June 27 will be the re-release of «power Rangers», July 12, visitors will be able to buy «Resident evil: Vendetta».



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