Platform UTM, created as part of project Wing, able to simultaneously manage multiple drones

Lab X Lab, belonging to the Alphabet holding company, demonstrated another achievement of project Wing. Recall that in the framework of professionals engaged in the creation of drones and related technologies.

This time the focus was not the drones, and the system of their management. Google showed the software platform UAS Air Traffic Management (UTM), which is able to simultaneously manage several drones moving along different trajectories.

In particular, during testing, UTM has managed three drones with a minimum intervention of one operator. UTM is able to plan routes in real time, given the different obstacles, to warn operators of sudden changes in route and so on.

In Google believe that such platform is essential for businesses looking to deliver goods by drones, or have to use a large number of drones for some other reasons.

When you create a UTM experts used existing Google services (Google Maps, Earth and Street View), and cloud computing capabilities.

the drone


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