Platform Intel X299 is a «catastrophe VRM», according to the opinion.

It seems that the need to quickly bring to market processors Kaby Lake-X and Allows X to compete with innovations in AMD out from Intel side.

As reported by a well-known overclocker with the nickname der8auer, many of the currently-available motherboards based on the chipset X299 have problems with the quality of the power subsystem. Enthusiast calls the platform a «catastrophe VRM».

The problem is that on many motherboards the power subsystem is overheating modes, it is far from extreme. For example, on one of the boards, the Gigabyte Aorus CPU, capable of operating at 5 GHz, due to the insufficient quality of the power subsystem is not able to earn even at a frequency of 4.6 GHz. Moreover, on many boards, there is only one eight-pin connector to supply additional power, which is insufficient, given the parameters of the CPU. Because of this, the appropriate cables of the power supply heat up to 65 degrees.

Enthusiast is accusing in this situation, both Intel and the motherboard manufacturers. First, in his opinion, nothing moved the launch from August to June, not thus giving the partners more time to develop and test products. And Board, according to der8auer, to blame for what went on about Intel and released raw foods.

The opinion was joined by der8auer the overclocking Silicon Lottery, which sells systems with pre-overclocked components. According to him, none of them bought system boards are unable to cope with overclocked CPU Intel Core i9-7900X.

Thus, right now when you purchase the processor in the LGA 2066 with an eye to overclocking, be very careful approach to the choice of motherboard.

By the way, hence it can be concluded that such fees will not be able to work normally with the older Core i9 that will be released in the fall, so the rumors about the need for a new revision of the socket 2066 got another indirect confirmation.



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