Platform Here Open Location Platform will bring together cars of different brands and provide them the same information about the road

As you know, last year, Nokia officially announced the sale of the map service Here companies Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG for € 2.8 billion.

Now, reportedly, the giants are preparing to present its own decision based on Here. It will be called Here the Open Location Platform. The platform will include four service: Here Real-Time Traffic, Here Hazard Warnings, Road Signs Here and Here On-Street Parking.

As you can tell from the names, these services will provide drivers with various information about the traffic status, road signs, Parking lots and so on with reference to the maps Here. Moreover, these data will be collected directly by the vehicles in real time and will be immediately available to other cars. Here Open Location Platform will work as a single platform to cars Audi, BMW and Daimler. That is, data collected by the Audi cars will be available to other project participants and Vice versa. Moreover, in the future, the partners intend to give access to the platform and other manufacturers.

The service will become available early next year. About its value and supported car models is not reported.



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