Plate enterprise HDD Toshiba AL14SX rotate at a speed of 15 thousand rpm

Toshiba introduced hard drives AL14SX family, designed for enterprise servers and storage systems, which require maximum fault tolerance. The spindle speed is 15 thousand rpm, all drives installed cache memory of 128 MB with SAS interface 12 GB/s.

Maximum HDD capacity Toshiba AL14SX increased in comparison with the predecessors of the AL13SX series and 900 GB are also models with a capacity of 600 and 300 GB. For different applications, including legacy equipment provided HDD with marking 4 KB or 512b (actual or emulated). Data transfer rate reaches 290 MB/s or 259 MB/s HDD with the actual markup 512b, the average access latency is 2 MS.

HDD Toshiba AL14SX enclosed in body size 2.5 inches and a height of up to 15mm, power consumption does not exceed 9 watts. Drives are designed to work 24/7, the ambient temperature must not exceed 55 °C.


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