PIXEL — brand new desktop environment for Raspberry Pi computers

The first single-Board computer Raspberry Pi, despite the fact that many have never heard about such a device until now, began to market a small revolution. Since then it’s been a few years, the company has released many new options PC.

But only now developers introduced its own desktop environment — PIXEL (Pi Xwindows Environment Improved, Lightweight). It is created based on LXDE. At the moment, the build of Raspbian with embedded PIXEL is already available for download.

The task of the developers to create PIXEL was to give users easy and fast shell, which will just work. This is especially true of beginners who have not previously had dealings with Linux.
Distinctive point — my default browser is Chromium, which is relatively demanding on the PC resources, so that the Junior models of the Raspberry Pi this can cause some problems.

As for the distinguishing features of the PIXEL, they are very many, and almost all of them relate to certain aspects of the design of Windows, fonts, icons, menu items and so on. The full list can be found on the link at the source.

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